NBER Help: Working Papers

Free Downloads of Working Papers for U.S. Goverment Employees and
Residents of Developing Countries

U.S. government employees and residents of developing countries have free access to NBER Working Papers on the basis of domain name. U.S. government employees have a domain name ending in .gov. State government workers generally have a domain name like "state./state-postal-id/.us" but other domains may be added upon request. Residents of developing countries have a domain name ending in their two letter country code. An explanation of qualifying domain names is available.

NBER does not ask users to register or to obtain a password. Difficulty downloading working papers without charge sometimes arises if the NBER server does not recognize a user's domain name. To test free access, please browse this test document: https://papers.nber.org/papers/w0000. Users from authorized domains should see "This paper is available in PDF (2 K) or HTML(0 K) format." If the message instead is "add this paper to your order basket," please request further authorization help.


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