NBER Help: Working Papers

Free Downloads of NBER Working Papers for Journalists

Staff of newspapers and magazines in any part of the world may download the full text of all available working papers from our web site by registering with the NBER. Free-lance journalists writing on economics and finance should also register for free downloads. The NBER does not provide free access to economic and finance professionals with part-time journalistic sidelines, investment advisory services, and publishers of financial newsletters.

If the network for your publication's home office supports "reverse domain name lookup," then you will be able to download the papers directly once the NBER has registered and authorized your publication's domain name. In fact, one of your colleagues may have already registered your publication for access.

To test your free download authorization, please try to browse the test document at http://papers.nber.org/papers/w0000. If you are in an authorized domain you should see "This paper is available in PDF (2 K) or HTML(0 K) format." If the system does not recognize you, you will see a link called "add this paper to your order basket," and you will have to register to receive it.

To register, email the following information to mediarequests@nber.org

    - The name of the publication(s) that employs you.
    - The domain name for your institution. Typically, this is the last portion of your email address, such as 'tribune.com'.
    - The user name that you have chosen for yourself after creating an individual login.

If you are eligible for free access, your publication's domain name will be appropriately authorized. This will allow everyone within your home office's network to download NBER papers freely and will eliminate the need for your colleagues to repeat this process. Your individual login name will, in addition, allow you to access working papers even if your network does not support "reverse domain name lookup", or if you are traveling away from your home office and using a computer that is not on your office network.

Please contact mediarequests@nber.org if you require further assistance with this process.