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Individual Logins

For Subscribers, Journalists, and Corporate Associates who

    need access while away from their organization's network or
    access the Internet via a commercial ISP (such as AOL) which shares host names and IP addresses with other institutions or
    access the Internet via an ISP which assigns a new IP address each time a user connects,

we offer individual logins which allow Working Papers access from any computer.

For most users, the best method is to click on Information for subscribers and others expecting free downloads on the bibliographic page of any available Working Paper. That link will prompt you for an email address, and if the address is in our authorization database, a temporary URL (Web address) for the paper will be emailed to you. This URL is valid from any computer for 7 days. [If your email address is specific to your organization, even if the domain name for your computer is not, we can put the email server for your organization in our authorization database. This will enable everyone at your organization to obtain Working Papers. Email us to enter you email address in the authorization database.]

For individual heavy users, we offer a login id and password. The user can then browse http://papers.nber.org/ and select the login button at the bottom of the page.

Once logged in, the user will be offered the full-text for any Working Paper found through any of the search pages. The login session lasts until the browser is closed.

Because of security issues, you are requested to avoid sending us a password you use in any other significant context.

We do not offer login access to organizations with site access.

To initiate either of these methods, please obtain a login id and write to subs with that information and a statement of why you are eligible for downloads.

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