NBER Help: Working Papers

Single Copy Sales of NBER Working Papers

If your campus or corporation is not a subscriber to the NBER Online Working Papers, or otherwise entitled to free downloads, individual copies are available for sale.

Hard Copy Sales

The most recent Working Papers are available in hard copy for $US10 each. For overseas shipping please add $US10 per each 3 papers ordered. Payment is by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or check. Orders may be mailed to the Publications Department, NBER, 1050 Mass Ave, Cambridge MA 02138, USA or emailed to orders@nber.org with credit card information. Phone orders are accepted at 617-868-3900. Please include the WP number for each paper. Hard copy delivery may take up to several weeks

Electronic Delivery

All papers issued since May 1973 are available in Adobe PDF format for electronic delivery. These orders are normally filled through the WWW server at www.nber.org/papers. After locating a paper, select "Purchase from SSRN.com". There is a $5 charge for downloads. Problems with downloads or billing should be directed to nbersupport@ssrn.com. Readability problems should be directed to ishapiro@nber.org.

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