NBER Working Papers Access: Individual Logins

Individual Logins

Some users have only dial-up access to the Internet via a commercial ISP such as AOL, IBM or MCI. Our normal granting of a site license to a specific Internet subnet is not appropriate for those users. In these cases we can issue a login id and password to the user, who can browse http://papers.nber.org/ and select the login button at the bottom of the page.

Once logged in, the user will be offered the full-text for any Working Paper found through any of the search pages. The login session lasts for the remainder of the browser session.

This is not a solution for end users who study or work at institutions with functioning site licenses, but who have home access to the Internet via a commercial ISP. Those users are urged to use a proxy cache facility at the licensed institution, or to select the Information for users expecting free downloads link on the bibliographic page for any available paper. That link will prompt for your email address. If you supply an address in an authorized domain, a valid URL for the paper you requested will be mailed to you.

If you are eligible to receive full-text online (subscriber, corporate associate, journalist or NBER staff) and are not able to obtain a functioning site authorization please send a proposed login id and password to orders@nber.org. The password should not be the same as one you use for any important purpose, or on any secure machine, because security for this password is weak and it could be stolen from our site or in transit.

Daniel Feenberg
feenberg of nber dot org

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Last revision 27 February 1999.