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Individual Subscribers and affiliates of institutional subscribers to the NBER Working Paper series -- including all students and faculty at subscribing colleges and universities -- can download the full text of all available Working Papers from our web site.

If you are an institutional subscriber who has not yet registered for online access for your organization, email the following to

    Your subscription number. This is the number in parenthesis on the first line of your mailing label. For more information, please contact our subscriptions department.

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    The network number for your organization (This is only necessary for sites that do not correctly implement Reverse Name Lookup). Your network administrator can help you with this.

Testing free download authorization

An easy test is to browse our test document at If you are in an authorized domain you should see "This paper is available in PDF (2 K) or HTML(0 K) format." If the system does not recognize you, you will see a link called "add this paper to your order basket," in which case we can offer you further authorization help.

Subscribers who access the Web offsite

If you:
    access the Internet via a commercial ISP (such as AOL) which shares host names and IP addresses with other institutions

    access the Internet via an ISP which assigns you a new IP address each time you connect

    need access while away from your organization's network
We also offer individual logins that allow you to access Working Papers from any computer.

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